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At Bull Creek Centre we are able to create a digital foot scan which is used to analyse your feet while you are standing. From this image, we are able to explain your unique condition with a particular focus on the arches of the feet. Even if you don’t experience foot pain, a scan can be very beneficial. Imbalances in your feet can contribute to postural misalignments as well as pain and fatigue in other areas of your body.  The altered function of your feet is often the result of long term changes in the alignment of the pelvis and lower back.  If left unchecked, this dysfunction in your feet can then impact on the stability of your pelvis and lower back.

Foot Leveler orthotics are custom-made orthotics that support and stabilise the spine and pelvis through correcting imbalances in the feet.  Foot Leveler orthotics are flexible orthotics, designed to move along with your normal foot movement that support all three arches in your feet.   If you would like to order orthotics, we will assist you in determining what style would suit you best as well as providing you with information on how to wear them.


Dr Law-Davis will provide you with some exercises to assist you with your specific condition. These exercises help to stretch and strengthen the body to provide relief and help support the maintenance of good function. Please do your exercises as they are an important aspect of your care.


Many people find it beneficial if they are instructed on certain activities that they should do differently or avoid. In addition, we provide advice on many topics including using heat/ice, creams, nutritional supplements and pillows/mattresses. If you have any specific questions, please ask our practitioners.

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